Contract To Hire (C2H)

A contract to hire a position is a temporary position that enables both companies to test out a position before committing to it on a full-time basis. Contract to hire agreements, also called “temp to hire” arrangements, usually specify how long the contractor will be employed by the company. The decision to hire the contractor as a full-time employee with benefits after this trial period is over is up to the business.

Benefits of Contract to Hire (C2H)

Whether you’re looking for a short-term job, a more long-term job, or a freelance opportunity, the flexibility built into the contract to hire is advantageous in many ways. Some benefits of a contract-to-hire role include the following:

  • Proves how valuable you are
  • Increases your credentials
  • Evaluates suitability for a position or a corporation
  • Builds your network of professionals