Building a React Native Image Scanner and segregation into Database

React Native image scanner is a robust tool that empowers developers to incorporate image selection functionality seamlessly into their native applications. it allows users to select images from them

device’s photo library or capture new one’s via camera…

  1. Using react native scanner developers can elevate their applications by allowing users to upload, manipulate and exhibit the images within the app’s interface.
  2. This tool is a valuable asset enhancing user engagement and expanding the range of visual content that can be utilized within the applications.
  3. React native image scanner code bridges the native code of iOS and android platform with the java script code of react native.
  4. It uses platform specific API’s and libraries to access the device’s photo library and camera allowing users to select images familiarly and intuitively.
  5. React Native image scanner library easy to use methods and components that simplifies the process of integrating image selection functionality.
  6. Developers can access the device’s photo library capture image using the camera or even select multiple images simultaneously.