SYNC Salesforce Files & attachments to external cloud Storage by clicking SAVE SPACE

Are you falling short of storage space in Salesforce? And spending thousands of dollars on additional storage? What if you can get an alternative to keep all your files and attachments in an external cloud with no loss or heavy expense?

Sounds interesting! Right? We have the most perfect solution for this.

SAVE SPACE helps you to Sync Salesforce Files and attachments with External Cloud Platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. After Syncing, these files are stored directly in the third-party accounts while reducing your manual work. However, you can still “View” or “Download” them within your org.


Using this, Salesforce admins and developers can automatically sync files and attachments to external storage accounts. So, whenever a new file is added in Salesforce, it will transfer directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Auto Delete

You also get the option to auto delete the files and attachments from your Salesforce org after syncing. This will free up the storage space in Salesforce.