Connecting Magento DB to IBM AS/400

The primary goal is to integrate the Magento 2 and IBM AS/400 systems so that data flows in both directions. We were able to do this by building a new application in the CL/400 programming language.

When an application needs to communicate with other apps in order to transfer data or initiate an action, the term “integration” is frequently used in computer science. Integration, on the other hand, in Magento 2 refers to a third-party application that employs OAuth for authentication. It enables programmers or system administrators to specify which assets—like customers, orders, or catalogs—the application is allowed to access.

As a Magento merchant, you have the option of manually creating an integration using the Magento back-end or automatically creating that integration using a bespoke Magento 2 extension.

Run Customers

We defer all processing to background services to provide you and your clients with a smooth experience.

Our recommendation is to run them as configurable services rather than letting Magento’s CRON start the consumers, but the developers who are responsible for maintaining this website are free to do as they choose.

ChangeCommerce_ordercreate, ChangeCommerce_CreditMemo, and ChangeCommerce_Order are our 3 consumers.

Continue if you require assistance in structuring the customers as services; otherwise, stop.