Corp to Corp (C2C)

Corp to Corp is an alternative technique in which one firm pays your employer on your behalf rather than directly under the contract you are working now. As a result, your employer is now solely responsible for paying you as agreed upon.

Because only two corporations can enter into this kind of deal, it is commonly known as ” Corp to Corp jobs.”

In the framework of this business transaction, the service provider will render services for the agreed-upon fee and for the timeframe laid out in the contract. The phrase “Corp 2 Corp” is frequently used by incorporated contractors who work for businesses to describe their business partnership.

So, why do Corp to Corp with NWS Soft? The main causes are as follows:

  • Lower the employment tax rate
  • Reduce employment hazards (a C2C relationship makes it more difficult to sue).
  • It lessens the possibility that the employer may be subject to an audit for improper personnel classification.